Color Change?

Not critical by any means, but I noticed in the latest FreePBX Framework change log, that it states simply, color change.

After updating, I have search high and low for a color change somewhere, and I am simply curious… what color changed and where?



for what version?

Woops! Distro10.13.66-6. Sorry. Figured it would be the same for all versions.


It’s most likely that commit:

Github seems to have a hard time showing what changed though…

Have a nice day!


Not really. As the change suggests “color changes” and if looking at the code referenced you can see I am editing style sheets.

Yes, really…

Github seems to consider different lines which to my eye seem identical…

I guess that amongst other things you must have changed whitespaces or something similar because otherwise it considers different waaaaaay too much stuff it should consider identical…

I am used to using comparison/diff tools which don’t consider almost the entire file different…

Like I said, unless you changed whitespace or something similar Github produces insanely big diff files, there’s no way to really make sense of them and I am not that curious to know what changed…

Have a nice day!


It would be easier if you did not use github…

Click the “…” then click “ignore whitespace”.

I am surprised that a commit called color tweaks has stirred so much controversy.

Detailed explanation: We use LESS to manage our stylesheets. LESS turns into CSS. LESS allows us to have functions and variables in style sheets. I changed the names of variables and tweaked the base colors. EG “color tweaks”

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Hi Andrew!

Sorry, old habit… (we used to use it as main repo for the open source project I work on and we still use it as a secondary repo now…

Thank you!

Make a loooooot more sense now…

Looks like LESS added a lot more :laughing: whitespace this time (or at least changed it in some way…).


I was curious about what it was (each time I update the FreePBX modules I check the release notes, attached tickets, commits, etc… because I am curious as to what was done and how (it helps me understand how it works)) but I would not have posted about it, I way just trying to help identify what it was about.

I was definitely curious as to the reason seemingly identical files were considered sooooooo different…

Trust me Andrew, I have a much bigger problem on my hands than this :wink: :wink: :wink:, looks like one of the latest updates (I am assuming the packages of the distro) broke my DAHDI (Sangoma A200) stuff… (It does not survive a reboot, I have to issue a “fwconsole restart”). :pensive:

Thank you and have a nice day!


… and I was simply just curious. No controversy here!