Collect DTMF tones with voicemail

we have a call in voice mail added to one of our IVRs where employees call in when they’re going to be out for work.

currently the receptionist listens to all the voice mails and then enters all the appropriate information into a sharepoint list that supervisors and whoever can look at to see if someone in their area has called in for the day.

as you can imagine, people aren’t great about providing the required information (like supervisor, department, etc…). we want to start forcing people to provide their badge numbers when they call in.

i’m looking for a way to have the IVR or Voice mail require/request that they enter their badge number as part of the call in, and then pass the entered number on to whoever is listening to the voice mails so that they have a definitive number no matter how hard it is to hear the person on the call or how poorly they speak.

do they call into a number that is reserved for that purpose?

Route the IVR option for call-in to a Dynamic Route that asks for the badge number, puts it in the caller ID then routes to voicemail. The caller ID (badge number) will be heard by the listener as part of the envelope.


To elaborate on @Stewart1’s reply, you can use the Dynroute module to get the badge number from the caller using DTMF and assign it to a channel variable such as badge_number and then route the call thru a ‘Set CallerID’ destination where the CallerID Name is changed to ${badge_number}


maybe it’s a version problem (had an issue updating to current some time last year and haven’t tried again) but I don’t see anything labeled as dynamic or dyn route

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