Codec Issues & Voicemail Issues


I am new to Freepbx, but I have done my research, and I cannot seem to find the solution to my issue. I currently have a Cisco 7960 phone which is connected to my Freepbx system. Incoming and outgoing phone calls work just fine. However, depending on certain numbers I noticed that I would have to use different type of codecs as there was an audio issue (codec mismatch), so I eventually set my 7960 phone to preferred codec to “none”. In my Asterisk sip settings I set it so that 729a codec is first, g711ulaw is second, and g711alaw is third. (my phone only supports those codecs) I can now call any phone number and I don’t have any sound issues.

However, when I dial *97 to go to my voicemails, it automatically hangs up every time. When I set my preferred codec to g711ulaw it works fine, however I cannot keep it with this codec as if I do I cannot hear certain people when dialing their phone number.

Does anyone have any solutions as I have looked around and couldn’t find any.

Your help is grealtly appreciated!

Thank You

Jamie Greene

Hi, sorry I forgot to add my Freepbx software details:

PBX Firmware: 4.211.64-5
PBX Service Pack:

It sounds like you don’t have any g729 licenses, Asterisk will paxx through g729 but not terminate (voice mail etc.) such calls without them.

that was the issue! It’s all resolved now. I appreciate your help!