Codec g729

Hi, when I type g729 show licences in the CLI then I get:

No such command ‘g729 show licenses’ (type ‘core show help g729 show’ for other possible commands)

Do I have to go through the whole process again?

I am 50 so not a bid deal.

Yes you are correct as long as your trunk has disallow=all and allow=g729

So, if I understand you correctly then I can disallow=all and allow=ulaw in my Extension settings. Have g729 ticked in my SIP Settings then transport on my local network will be in ulaw and when it goes out to my trunk it gets transcoded into g729.

Will that be the same with incoming calls? Come in as g729 and then gets transcoded into ulaw for my local network?

So, when I have 3 phones on my network and only 1 outgoing call at a time, then I will only need 1 g729 licence for outgoing.

In that case, why does a phone have to support g729 if it is using alaw to my Asterisk box and then gets transcoded to g729? And visa versa.

Please bear with me. At 55 it’s not easy learning again.

If you don’t have the command then you either did not install or restart Asterisk process after install (the module does support manual loading).

Thank you, restarted and now it works.

How do you have your allow and disallow statements setup? I would get an extension working first, then move on to your trunk.

Set an extension as disallow=all and allow=g729.

Make sure the extensions supports g729 (free softphones do not)

I registered g729. It shows up as 0/0 encoders/decoders of 2 licensed channels are currently in use, when I type “g729 show licenses” in the CLI. I have ticked the g729 codec in SIP settings. I left everything else as default. When I try and dial I get “No compatible codecs, not accepting this offer!”

Thank you again. Very frustrating with the time difference.

I am going through a massive learning curve here.

My 2 softphones that I am using to do testing with do have extensions set as disallow=all and allow=g729.

I am using XLite while waiting for my phones. That is why it’s not working. Did not know.

I think I read somewhere that I can use a different codec for my internal network and another for my trunk. Is that true? How can I set it up?

Asterisk will transcode between the extension and the trunk.

This what the allow and disallow statements do.

Thanks, to start learning something completely foreign at this age is not that easy.

Question regarding the softphone not having to support g729, you did not clarify.

The phone has to accept g729 because that is how you set it up in your extension. If you set it up as ulaw then Asterisk will transcode.