Code to transfer calls

I would like to make an in-call feature code to blind transfer calls to a specific number. Now my wife has to dial ## (wait for the prompt) then dial 202# to transfer calls to me.

I would like her to be able to just dial ## while on a call and the caller should be transferred to me automatically.

Anyone have an idea how I could do this?

From the top of my head, the best way to achieve this is to create a custom destination, and assign it to a shortcode.

  1. Create Destination
    Applications -> Misc Destinations
    Description: Transfer to mrjoe
    Dial: ##202#
  2. Create Shortcode
    Applications -> Misc Applications
    Description: Transfer to mrjoe
    Feature code: The shortcode you want to use
    Destination: Misc Destinations -> Transfer to mrjoe

I haven’t tested this at all, and you may need to insert a pause before entering the extension there.

Check out this page:

Adapting the techniques from the above link to FreePBX, add the following to /etc/asterisk/globals_custom.conf


and the following goes in features_applicationmap_custom.conf

playmonkeys => #9,peer,Playback,tt-monkeys

Do a core reload, and now the in-call feature code #9 will play the recording. The rest is left as an exercise for the reader.

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I’m sorry for the delay in responding.
I appreciate your suggestions.
I will look at this sometime and report back.