Code quality and so on

At begin I must sorry for my english.

FreePBX - very nice and usefull project, but many questions to developers about code quality of FreePBX.

  1. installation process and other shell scripts
    why bash? FreePBX seems to be the platform-independet project, but you use some parts, that mostly used in linux. Many requerements is not listed in INSTALL instructions, such as bash, pidof and many other, which are not installed in base of many OS.
  2. too many hardcoded things and paths.
    Why amportal.conf must be in /etc? Why this is not optional?
    Why asterisk configuration files must be in /etc/asterisk?
    For example freepbx_engine script why you use ‘pidof’ and other binary directly in code? You forgot about ‘which’?

That for begin, and I’ll post here more bugs

sorry for my english, too

  1. if it’s really a prob for you… i can suggest you to use chroot…
    btw… when i check in the roadmap… there is a step “Remove all known hardcoded paths”…

there needs to be an ‘anchor’ somewhere (/etc/amportal.conf). It is possible to have the install script set that anchor but …

Beyond that - all other hard coded paths are considered a bug and you are welcome to report them (on version 2.3 - we are not going back and fixing previous versions).

FreePBX is really geared towards Linux Distros at this point. Partially because that is where the maturity and stability is for the availability of telephony apps. (Our target is the LAMPA stack - Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Asterisk) although some of these components can be replaced with alternative.