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I was wondering if it’s possible with FreePBX to have “superuser” in a conference.

Situation :

1 normal user having a conference with someone he called.
And the conference is full (2/2).

I was wondering to create “superuser” allowed to join this full conference, without any warning (“big brother” like) and if the superuser want to, speak ONLY to the normal user (“coach” like)

I hope my explanations are not fuzzy
Have a nice day !

I don’t think you can do that to a conference, but you can listen and whisper-in on local extensions. You just need to set up a ChanSpy with the ‘w’ option turned on and you should be able to spy and whisper in the conference through the local extension.

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Thanks, i will dig that way

I have 3 extensions connected with a webRTC sipML5


I create a Conference for User1 and User2

Into CLI :
channel originate sip/User1 application Confbridge 123,testbridge,testuser,testmenu
channel originate sip/User2 application Confbridge 123,testbridge,testuser,testmenu

So User1 and User2 are in a full conférence (2/2)

I want to call the User3 as a spy like this

channel originate sip/User3 application ChanSpy(SIP/123,q)

but it’s said “no such application”
how should i use Chanspy?

You’re not using the ChanSpy Application options correctly.

channel originate sip/User3 application ChanSpy SIP/123,q

still dont work for me… how should i use it?

You need to actually state what you mean by “dont work”. What happens on the console? What happens in practice?

I mean : The console seems to call my user3 correctly but the chanspy don’t work.

User1 is in the “01234” conference (User1 is linked to “111” extension)

User 3 is linked to “222” extension and when i do
"channel originate sip/222 application chanspy SIP/01234,q "

User3 is being called and can answer but does not hear the conference.

What conference? ChanSpy cannot spy on a ConfBridge.

So there is no way to chanspy a conference ? “confbridge”

No. Conf Bridge is an application. The call legs can be spied on, but you can’t spy on the conference without being in the conference.

ChanSpy a conference work that way

channel originate sip/222 application chanspy CBann/01234,q

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