Closed multiple SDA or CID with one call flow control

Hello i ’ ve 17 CID with 17 inbound routes …

Is it possible to closed all CID with one call flow control or other ?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

You have 17 inbound routes, one for each of 17 different people that call you? Or do you have 17 numbers that people can dial to reach your PBX?

Either way, it should be simple to point them all at the same flow control or time condition. Simply set the destination for each to whichever you want to use and go nuts.

If there’s more to your question, feel free to add what you’re really asking…

Ok, 17 inbound routes for 17 different groups so is it my problem :slight_smile:
Call flow control or another solutions if it’s possible :slight_smile:

That’s neither of the two things you can have.

When a call comes in, it goes to an Inbound Route associated with a DID (one of your numbers) or CID (one of your caller’s numbers).

Each of these has a destination.

What are you actually trying to do? Are you setting up a multi-tenant system (which FreePBX doesn’t work well with) or are you trying to set up a company-wide direct dial (which FreePBX does well)?

Once again, either way, each Inbound Route will have a destination associated. If you want to set up a Call Flow, then you’ll do that, then set the destination for each of the Inbound Routes to point at the Call Flow you set up for each destination.

You can turn the call flows on and off from a single, integrated control. There are many examples of this throughout the forums. If that isn’t what you’re trying to do, you’re going to need to tell us what you are actually trying to do so we can understand what it is you want.


i have 17 inbound routes for 17 different groups ok .
ok, I would like to tell my 17 inbound routes that as soon as I enter a code or whatever play an announcement that the business is closed.

Inbound routes have a different CID.
I know that i can use a call flow control for each destination, but is it possible to have one call flow control or a code or other i don’t know, that stop all CID at same time …

that’s clear ? or not ? sorry for my english :))))

Have ‘time conditions’ depend on a ‘call flow’ state

ok but how can i make it ? you have an exemple ?

You can create multiple Dynamic Routes that track a single Call Flow Control setting and choose different destinations for each one. So suppose you have CFC with index of 0 (zero), the Dynamic Route config would look like:

You would change the value for ${DB(DAYNIGHT/C0)} depending on the index of the CFC you want to track.

Thank you, i begin to understand but i don’t hav this menu on my freepbx version : FreePBX

You may find an old working ver for 13, but it’s only in our repos for 15.

ok i would upgrade my freepbx vers13 to 15 :slight_smile:

I’ll find it for vers13 freepbx :

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