Cloned FreePBX from old server to new server. What needs to change?

I just cloned a FreePBX 13 system from an old server to a newer one on a different network. What do I need to change? I’ve updated the firewall, the IP address, and some other key network settings but I know there’s some things I’m missing.

If you want to use both systems in the future, you have to activate the new machine. You will receive a new ID. All commercial modules you will have to buy again.
If you just want to use the new one, you would have to use the same ID from the old system…but before that you better read this

From each machine, post

cat /etc/machine-id
ls -lasrt /etc/udev/rules.d/
ip address 
fwconsole moduleadmin list|grep -i commer

You are looking for duplicate or suspect mac addresses, network interfaces, machine ids or software that you will need to re-buy or re-license

Moving a PBX to new network involves:

  • Check all setting in Settings, Asterisk SIP Settings for changed values, particularly external IP and local networks. Restart asterisk if making changes here
  • Endpoint Manager, Global Settings
  • System Admin, Network Settings (possibly DNS)
  • Email config for outbound email
  • Firewall config
  • Permit/Deny fields (if used) for chan_sip extensions.

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