Client Question (spoofing an external caller ID)

For all you experts out there is it possible to spoof an incoming number, with the pbx system. The call comes in to an extension, gets transferred to another extension, but instead of the originating caller ID, they want to use the ID of the transferring extension. This hides the originating caller ID from the intended recipient.
I don’t know why you would want to do this but client used to have a Toshiba system, where it was possible. Now they are using Grandstream/PBX.
They are actually wanting to do this from external number to external number using the phone system as a switchboard, for clients that work from home.

Yes; in fact, the opposite is the most common CID question we get. What you are asking for is the most common “misconfiguration” out there.

If you mean a Grandstream PBX appliance such as UCM6100 or UCM6200 series, those are proprietary systems that (although based on Asterisk) have nothing to do with FreePBX. Questions about those appliances should be directed to Grandstream support or their forum.

If they are using FreePBX with Grandstream phones, then a call answered by a human and transferred to an external number via attended transfer would by default show the number of the transferring extension to the transferred-to party.

Calls automatically forwarded e.g. ‘follow me’, call forwarding set by extension, etc. would normally show the number of the original caller, but there are several ways to have it show the main company number or the number of the transferring extension instead.

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