Click2call in Outlook? SIPTAPI!

Since i had some trouble finding documentations about what to do for getting clcik2dial in Outlook, here i am writing this short easy-to-understand guide for windows 8/10 x64

  1. Download siptapi from here:
  2. Extract folder “Deploy” to desktop or wherever you want
  3. Based on you computer system, chose win32 or x64
  4. open the folder “Release”
  5. Copy the file “siptapi.tsp” in your ‪C:\Windows\System32 for run it on x64
    (you can copy it in C:\Windows\SysWOW64 if you want it to run on x32)

from now try to follow what i write here and the highlighted stuffs
6) Go to Cpanel → modem and telephone

click on “advanced”
click on “add” and choose “SIPTAPI Service Provider 0.2.XX” (whatever version u will install)

now u can selet it in the same windows where u click “add” and configure it

  • USER: user extension
  • PASSWORD: extension password
  • USER’S EXTENSION: extension name

Tadaaa! if you did it right you can go in Outlook, open the Contactst list, right click on someone and then call!
you will receive a call on the decive associated to the extension, when u answer it will start calling you contact!

(actually i just tested it only with my X-Lite, but i’m pretty sure it works with every softphone! not sure it can go with deksphones)

SOLUTION: enable Call waiting on the extension you are going to use with click2dial!!

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