Click to Dial shows up in CDR as an incoming call

So I have been having this problem where I am trying to track and bill accordingly for outgoing calls with Click to Dial applications.

Every single Click to Dial application or web interface out there seems to record the call as an incoming call in the CDR records.

What happens is that when you click the link or contact your phone rings, and upon picking it up it then sends out the call. This unfortunately is seen as an incoming call and I cannot seem to track it for billing purposes.

I have been using account code field in extension details to track outgoing intl and long distance calls since this is placed in the CDR records on the outgoing call, however I cannot figure out how I can capture this click to dial types of calls since I cannot assign account code to them. if I could that would be great but I dont have the ability.

If anyone has any ideas that would be great.