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I did some reading into this last week - just before I put the idea to bed - can anyone confirm for me that “click to call” - by which I mean a hyperlink which when clicked causes a desk phone to ring, which when answered starts dialling an external number, is not really doable?


Of course it’s doable, it is a staple component of pretty much every UC solution. It may or may not be possible out of the box (or even easy), the devil is in the details.

I’ve been reading his other posts, and I’m not sure it makes any difference.

Click-to-call is imminently doable. You just need to have the infrastructure in place, and it isn’t “out of the box”. Seriously, we’ve been doing click-to-call since Asterisk 1.4. Every CRM interface out there has a CTC component. I wrote an entire call-center application that relies on CTC. It is so doable that it shouldn’t even be a question.

Throw some Zulu licensing in the box and it would be…

Sorry - I genuinely had a read through last week of other posts and found people warning about browser compatibility woes, and about how it was only doable with softphones and desk phones were a WHOLE 'nother kettle of fish. I’m pleased to hear it’s doable and I’ve clearly been reading the wrong threads. Thanks all

The problem with CTC is that there are only about 20 ways to do it. Sure, there are bits and bobs that make is a “hold your tongue like this” issue, but it’s literally the first thing I figured out how to do with Asterisk back in the 1.2 to 1.4 conversion. There are a plethora of new ways to do it, and all the old ways still work.

Hints that help:

  • Use the “LOCAL/xxx” extension identification model instead of trying to match SIP/PJSIP/SCCP/DAHDI/CAN&STRING/etc.
  • Call Files are your friend, and totally browser non-specific.
  • The REST API is sexy and everything, but AMI is there for a reason.
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Cool! Just noticed Zulu is free for two users. So I’ve installed it and got it working (with the Chrome browser extension) so that telephone numbers, when clicked, automatically call the desk phone. Absolutely phenomenal and quite easy with the Zulu integration. Thank you @lgaetz and @cynjut !

One last query: when I click the telephone number the Zulu listener on the Windows PC pops up. This isn’t necessary for me - is it possible to disable this? It’s no big deal if not, the user can always get rid of it by closing the window, but it would be truly, truly seamless if it didn’t pop over.


Zulu Preferences, General

Thank you Lorne, but, not sure that can be right - because I’ve already got that setting set and all it does (or seems to do) is prevent me needing to “confirm” the call, it doesn’t stop the listener app ‘stealing focus’ ? Or maybe I need to restart windows and try again?

I don’t believe it’s possible to prevent Zulu window from stealing focus when dialing. Feel free to file a commercial product feature request:

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Thanks Lorne, you’re a good egg.
I’m going to experiment with WinSize2 and see if I can get it to automatically minimise the listener app when it pops up.

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Yep! WinSize2 can do the business! Tested and working! Possibly contradicts this:

This is not possible without extensive manipulation of Windows internals

I guess it’s only a possible contradiction because you do briefly see the Zulu window before WinSize2 nukes it.

Hope this helps someone else in the future! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Just in case anyone is reading this thread in the future, looks like this thread would have also done the trick

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