Click to Call (web click)

Hey Friends, I just purchased a one year license for Click to Call. Does anyone know of support documentation for this feature as I can’t seem to locate any? Does Sagnoma offer setup support???

What is click to call? Where did you purchase it from?

Pruchased it from the Sangoma website

Its actually called “Web Callback”

Module documentation is here

Lorne, for a destination—should I just enter a new extension with an external phone number?? Also, what number will the call be established from, and how do I specify the number to call?

Hey Lorne, that was actually quite easy to setup… LOL. Is there a method of reversing the call order though? Is it also possible to play a message before the call. Example, the user enters his phone number and is called first, then a message plays “Please wait while we connect your call”?

I don’t think you can reverse the call order.

To play an announcement, you just need to create a call flow that plays a recording such as using the announcement module or a ring group.

That’s actually pretty cool… How about form modifications? Where do I locate the source for that? Lastly, Is it possible to choose trunk or the phone number where the calls originate from?

Friends, does anyone know where I can find the Web Call Back form + button for modification of the features form? I’m not sure where the html/script is stored. Also, is it possible to modify/change the trunk and number it uses to place calls from the PBX? Currently showing my toll free number as the originating source.

Form customization is as outlined in the wiki paged linked previously:

Is the module generating “wcb.html” as the article mentions, when you create a new button? I can’t seem to find a file by the name and extension with the schmooze directory. Is a different file name assigned each time a new button is created?

Any idea specifically what port’s I need to open for Web Call Back to function? I already have a public IP pointing to a private IP and FreePBX does resolve to the public IP.

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