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I am looking for a solution to get a “click to call” feature through FreePBX. The idea is that when I click on the number through Chrome / Firefox, the Digium phone (D40/D50) is dialing the number and the conversation could be made through the phones.

I am under FreePBX 14 and Asterisk 16.

Thanks for your recommendations !

Fop2 is an operator panel that has a Chrome extension that, when you click a phone number in the browser, the PBX dials your extension then originates a call to the clicked number.

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There are just too many to list here. Some come with other software (SuiteCRM, SugarCRM, and vTiger, for example). Some come as extensions to your browser (Netscape has several). Some are intended for outgoing only, some are inbound/outbound (like FOP2).

There are also different interfaces that you can use

  • call files
  • AGI scripts
  • AMI scripts
  • REST API scripts

and each these has several different ways to go about this.

So, as with most questions: tell us what you are actually trying to do, and you might get betters answers. Details beget details.

@stevehillin: Thanks so much for the tip. It is exactly what I was looking for. Nice integration with FreePBX, display of the internal phonebook (limited in the free version but still). Only problem is that though it displays the numbers correctly, I cannot call my internal network (even select the extensions). For the click to call on the webpages, I click and click and click but nothing happens, though the Chrome FOP2 Extension is nice and logged into my system. So if you have any idea why nothing happens I would love to hear from you

@cynjut: I want something simple where I click on the numbers displayed on the webpages (format defined in options), it dials the extension configured on the browser (Chrome 1st, Firefox 2nd). You pick the physical phone and it dials the number you clicked before. Bonuses: Linked to my internal Phonebook in DPMA and Bonus ++++ linked to my ERP phonebook that I refresh on regular basis in Asterisk tables through a simple SQL request (Crontab).

Thanks !!

Not being able to dial internal extensions seems weird. Can you right-click the icon to the left of the name / extension and have a ‘call’ option? It may be a permissions issue.
As far as the extension you have go the options of the Chrome extension and enable this feature, along with setting min and max number length to match as well as any prefix to use (for outbound route selection, for example).
Good Luck!

Thanks for the tips. In fact, in the free version, only the 15 first contacts in the directory have the actions buttons available. My extension was not…

It indeed works perfectly. If only it were open source…

Edit: US$40… I think we can afford it :smile:

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