Click to Call, Forwarding & Followme

Hi, we are using a php script called call.php from this blog post.

The script works great with FreePBX, and we’ve used it for many years. Just this week we’ve needed it to work with Call Forwarding. Here is where it gets a little weird and I’m hoping someone might be able to help me.

If I Forward the phone from the handset (Polycom Phone), the click to call works normally. IE: It gets forwarded to the cell phone we have setup.

If instead of forwarding the phone via the handset, I enable Followme through the UCP (our preferred method), the click to call does not get forwarded. The followme does work for other calls to that extension though so I know it’s not that followme doesn’t work normally.

I’m at a loss, anyone have any ideas?

Don’t originate to the SIP/xxx channel, use Local/[email protected]

That was quick, lol. Thanks!

So this is what the link looks like for us…

How are you saying it should be formatted?

I just tried this and it still doesn’t work, rings but does not forward[email protected]&number=13212552900

Anyone have any ideas on this? I’m still stuck. Appreciate ANY thoughts on what I could try. Thanks!

I have a heavily modified version of this script for FreePBX here:

You can see that only the extension number is passed to the script and line 69 constructs the channel to dial. You could edit your script to work like that.

Ok I’ll give that a try, thank you very much!

Yea that didn’t work either… changed the following line in call.php

$strChannel = "SIP/".$ext;


$strChannel = "local/".$ext;

The only difference now is that the call goes to voicemail, where before it just quit. Still doesn’t abide by the Followme rules in place for that extension.

An extract from the /var/log/asterisk/full log file, showing what steps are actually being taken may help.

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