Click to call button as caller and receiver

What I want is a web-based cick-to-call button. The call is initiated internally (from my server), and also the receiver is my server. The web user should only use his microphone and speakers to send and receive voice.

In other words, I want the call to be through SIP to SIP, not through trunk.

How to achieve this?


Look for “callboth.php”. It is probably in your system somewhere.

In the configuration, you specify the “source” extension, the “destination” extension, and the trunk(s) you want to use. There are a few other steps, but that would knock it out.

The one thing that your request worries me about is your concern about using a trunk. If both extensions are local (on the same server), I can’t think of a reason why you’d ever use a trunk.

Re-reading your request also leads me to ask the silly question “Are you using a softphone on the PC?” If you just want the speaker and mic to work, you might end up with a failed expectation. Connecting the softphone to the PBX Is no great challenge - you can use the SIP://… method to connect to the phone or assign it an extension and go to town.

Another method would be to write a program that creates a call file and drops it into the server. The file will execute, dial everything and be really flexible (there’s a lot of stuff you can do with call files.)

we have website and we have server freepbx .

ineed when customer login in my website To be on the site button call me .

Senario 1
There is a way to exist in some locations such as Web Call back Moudule — This method follows the customer enters the site presses the button must be some information, such as name and phone number in order to put the contact line and convert to section customers and this solution is expensive because via trunk .

Senario 2
create php sip in website and when customer pressed on button call me Be contacted through the shunt placed in settings ٍٍSip PHP are internal communication at no cost .
Sorry to prolong the subject.

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