CLI problems - number withheld

I am no programmer but have had several years using Freepbx. We are based in the UK and use SIP trunks from Gamma: which have worked fine up to a month since. Some tennants have reported that “sometimes” the CLI is not passsed to the end user and they recieve “number withheld”. This was has been reported to Gamma several times and eventually (last night) i recived the following reply, but are not sure how to implement this. any help would be glafdly recieved:
Thank you for the Examples.
I have checked the following calls and I can see that the local Set up its not been corrected yet.
Please ensure that the local set up its corrected and in line with the OFCOM regulation.
What we are seeing on the calls:
After reviewing the call examples, I’ve identified a P-Asserted-Identity (PAID) header has not been added in the initial INVITE. When this isn’t included, we add this (usually the network CLI) and include privacy:id. This is then down to the onward carrier as to whether they wish to present the FROM number or present the call as anonymous. To resolve this, a PAID header needs to be included in the initial INVITE and set the privacy to none. You can find this within the SIP Service Description.
This needs to be configured within the PBX.
This is also an OFCOM requirement to ensure that the correct geo location is sent for any potential 999 calls as the PAID header is used to direct the call to the closest emergency services.
Why has this not been needed before?
Due to continuous network improvements, we’ve implemented a fix on the privacy settings, when Gamma have inserted a PAID header on your behalf, we should have always included privacy:id as per UK NICC standards

Sorted it -
Edit Trunk
PJSIP Settings
Send P-Asserted-Identity header


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