Cli commands

I am curious to learn how to execute a cli command in basic c program
What would the proper string or include
or any direct link with info on this would be much appreciated

#include <stdlib.h>

// your char array should be line terminated, then call

int system(const char *string);

you’ve been promoted to the head of my it dept,whether you like it or not
I’m not kidding any put helpful
I get everything but dont know the operator if any used in the string.(%-d/n)
basically looking for free code

Not so much me, I have no idea what " . . . the operator if any used in the string.(%-d/n). . " means. But I can assure you that any c code you write will be free.

Operators are the basic tools for building expressions, and C has an unusally rich collection of them.To start off , C provides the rudimentary operators that are found in most programming laungages:

X Arithmetic operators, including addition, subtraction,multiplacation, and division.
X Relational operators to preform comparisons such as "iis greater than 0."
X Logical operators to buid conditions such as “i is greater than 0 and i is less than 10”

based on the begin post we would not need any operators to execute a cli command
WE are not manipulating, adding, multiplying, etc (at this point operators are not needed here.Just the system name or function to call when asking for
known cli correspondence

Jeff. Good that you want to learn c, but it is not necessary to cut and paste your tutorial from page one on-wards, I have already read the manuals :wink: . Spend a few weeks or months studying the language and it will become clearer to you. Good luck with your endeavor though.