Cleare the Department name

Some times ago we create theree Dapartment names to our users. Now we want to delete this Department names, because main FreePBX Admin can not see setting than another users make on FreePBX.

How can we delete Department name. We want to see all settings by main freepbx admin?

It is a little difficult to understand what you want.

It sounds like you have user IDs for each department and limited what they could access. In that case you will need to change the access rights on the user IDs.

I mean that all my administrators have got the same rules (Admin Access - ALL SECTIONS), but different Department names.

When one administrator with Department Name “Test” make IVR or Time Group, another administrator with Department Name “Test_1” can not see new IVR or Time Group, which first administrator make.

And I want to give both administrators the same rules. To do this, I need to remove Department name on both administrators.

If I simply remove Department name from Admin->Administrators. We can not see new IVR or Time Group in GUI because, i think, it depends on department name.