Clean mysql database

I noticed the mysql database size is growing quite quickly even on a freeobx instance that doesn’t do much. Is there a way to clear unneeded data or a setting in Freepbx to do that? I’m using the default distro.

Edit: Specifically my asteriskcdrdb is quite large with the cel table at around 6GB and the cdr table at 2GB. Can I just clear old records or are there any repercussions?

Neither database is used as a data source for the operation of the system. They are there for historical purposes. You can remove any records you feel are superfluous and there shouldn’t be any problems.

@cynjut interesting. Thanks for the info. Where does freepbx get the CDR data from, if not from these tables? And what do you mean by neither database? asterisk and asteriskcdrdb? Where does freepbx store its data if not in the asterisk database?

The ‘asterisk’ database stores info on configuring Asterisk, ‘asteriskcdrdb’ is for storing CDR data. I think @cynjut meant to say ‘table’, referring to ‘cdr’ and ‘cel’ table in the ‘asteriskcdrdb’ database.
In larger systems it is advantageous to age out ‘cdr’ and ‘cel’ table entries with a cron. These can stay on-box in another database, centralized to another host, whatever the retention policy dictates.


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