Clean install of FreePBX. Admin UI Freezes and Endpoints unregister

We are currently running FreePBX Asterisk 13.18.5

I have set up a new system FreePBX Asterisk 15.7.2
Had the new system completely configured everything looks good, so at 7 this morning I shut down the old system and set this one to live. Endpoints all registered, trunk online and call traffic in and out working fine. After about 10 or 15 mins we started noticing dead air on some phones. Try to make a call and just dead air, no fast busy or anything.
Then went to the admin UI and that was locked. I had to physically restart the machine.
After it came up, again, good for about 10 or 15 mins, then all goes dead again
On the new machine I am using PJSIP for the endpoints and have just 1 SIP trunk for Comcast.
I had change the new machine IP to the same as the old on as that’s hard coded into the Comcast Adtran.
Any ideas?

There have been a small number of user here reporting issues with 15.7.2. Try changing to 13 or 16:

Thanks for the info Lorne. Have upgraded asterisk to 16.2.1 so I’ll fire this thing up again in the morning and see how it goes

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