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I just called in to Sangoma which in turn asked Tech support if Class of Service will allow me to restrict the Barge & Chan Spy features by extension since it’s not in the sales slick or documentation.
The sales guy asked support and they said if it’s not there in the default rules, you can add one.

So I purchased the module, went to add a new COS, went to feature codes and there is no option for Chan Spy OR Barge, I then checked if I can find a way to add a new feature code to the features codes without success.

Am I missing something or is there no way to do this?

I am looking at COS now, the Zap Barge and ChanSpy feature codes are both enabled with defaults, and both are listed on the Feature Codes tab when creating a new COS:


P.S. - It was me that Tom spoke to, so if there is blame for a miscommunication it is mine.

Unfortunately, I don’t see that.
I’ll uninstall, then re-install and see if that helps.
I’ll post an update.

Actually Lorne, it was a post somewhere I read of yours previously that encouraged me to use the module for this purpose and I decided to call in to confirm before ordering.
Thanks by the way!

IIRC there’s a option in advanced settings that you have to enable to show all feature codes in feature code admin.
Might be it needs to be enabled to work with COS as well.
I might have dreamed that.

Are the feature codes actually enabled in Admin, Feature Codes?

Hello, that was the problem!
It was intentionally disabled so nobody would spy…

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