Class of service allow/deny

Can some explain what happens using Class Of Service module if an extension is a member of say two COS, and one allows a feature code and the other denies it? Also if one allows a route and one denies it?

The entry in WIKI for COS says:-

A single member can belong to more than one COS. If a member is allowed to dial a certain destination in one COS and denied in another, the COS will win out.

I don’t understand what that actually means, and if it also applies to feature codes.

That looks like a typo.

What if you try it and see what happens?

If they are allowed the allow beats a deny


I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong, but for me, it seems that Allow beat Deny on Routes, however Deny beats Allow on feature codes and Ring Groups.

Am I misunderstanding the situation here? Any further clarity would be appreciated.

This would be a bug if its happening feel free to open a bug report at

Thanks for fixing this guys.

Also thanks for updating the Wiki, that wording is much clearer.