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I’m getting an error message on the “Phone Apps” module and it say’s I need to upgrade to a newer version, however one doesn’t seem to be available for it. Please see the picture below. How do I go about correcting this issue? Thanks in advance for your help.


@MC1 is this for an instance of FreePBX 13 or 14? If it is a 13, it is rather odd to be recommending an upgrade to a version of the module for 14.


Here’s what I have:

@MC1 You are running FreePBX 14, however the Phone Apps module is stuck on release 13. We need to get it on release 14.

The Phone Apps Module is a submodule for Endpont Manager. So more than likely Endpoint Manager module is also stuck on release 13. My guess here is that Endpoint manager got stuck on release 13 after an upgrade. A few things could have caused this, like an interrupted upgrade process, the license not being up to date, etc.

At this point I would recommend trying to upgrade Endpoint Manager to version 14. You can do this by executing the following on the command line:

fwconsole ma downloadinstall --tag endpoint

Try executing that command and let me know if you have any issues. The Phone Apps module should upgrade to release 14 as well with this command.

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I upgrade EPM as instructed via SSH plus I completed a “yum update”. The Phone Apps module is still not co-operating. Please see pictures below:

Thanks again for the help.

Please try to upgrade phone apps manually with the following command:

fwconsole ma downloadinstall --tag restapps

Hi Matt

That did the trick. Thanks for the help.

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