Clarification on inbound routes config

FreePBX Distro

I have several DIDs and currently one ‘blanket’ Inbound Route where the DID is blank. If I want one or two of them to route differently than the other, say to a separate ring group I know I have to create a new Inbound Route that specifies that DID.

I believe in order for this to work correctly I’ll need to create a new inbound route for every DID and route them accordingly as the blank DID Inbound Route could interfere with the one that has a DID. Is this correct? or would the system look at all routes for a DID match before routing the inbound call?

actually, the two groups of DID’s have different patters. So I could probably do 123456XXXX for one Inbound route and 789444XXXX for the other correct?

Most restrictive wins.

So it would go: