Clarification _custom.conf

Have tried to find in the wik but cant seem to find the information so could someone confirm that if I need to add a couple of parameters to a pjsip .conf file that I can put these into the coresponding pjsip _custom file.

For example endpoint information for a pjsip trunk is written in pjsip.endpoint.conf under a heading [pjsip trunk name] and I believe to add to this I would write [pjsip trunk name] followd by additional parameters one per line in pjsip.endpoint_custom.conf.

thanks in advance

Generally speaking, if you want to add a new context you would use the *_custom.conf file. If you want to modify an existing context you add lines to the corresponding *_custom_post.conf file. For example, if I wanted to modify the language for PJSIP extension 2004 (without using the gui), I would add the following lines to pjsip.endpoint_custom_post.conf: