Cisco video phones stuck using 176 x 144 resolution for video calls

I followed simcity’s guide ( to get a Cisco 9971 and a Cisco 8945 working. Video calling works between any combination of the phones but it always sends at 176 x 144 with a low framerate (I believe 10fps).

simcity says to add some video format information for the extensions in the sip_custom_post.conf file but I have the problem with or without this code. I should also note that the patches he mentions in his thread don’t seem to be required anymore to make video work. I believe I saw somewhere that these patches were put into the lastest versions.

I can do an H264 call from two software SIP clients and get 640 x 480 on both ends. I can also send and display a 640 x 480 video feed to a Cisco 9971 from a soft client (soft client still receives a 176 x 144 feed from Cisco phone).

There don’t seem to be any video format configuration tags in the SEP.cnf.xml files for either phone. I am using SIP8941_8945.9-3-4-17 firmware for the 8945 and sip9971.9-4-1-9 for the 9971. In my SIP settings, I have max bitrate set to 4000kb/s. We are running FreePBX 2.11 with Asterisk 11.

Does anyone have experience with making this work correctly? Any help is appreciated.

Same problem too. Wondering if you discovered a fix on 9961 phones with Asterisk 11.8 / FreePBX 2.11 ??

9971 not 9961…mistake no way to edit text after posting!

The Cisco videophones use an attribute called “imageattr” in SDP that lists the available resolutions for the phone. You can see exactly how this value is presented if you do a SIP trace. Neither Asterisk or FreeSwitch account for this attribute and it forces the video to negotiate at a low resolution. You could probably hardcode the value into the H264 module or wherever the SDP is handled.

We ended up using Opensips for B2BUA and Freeswitch for media. The video will pass through correctly at high resolution using Opensips.

What is B2BUA? I have managed to get freeswitch compiled but yet to get it working.

A B2BUA handles SIP signaling and the SDP messages. The actual audio/video goes over RTP usually directly from one UA to the other UA. When I refer to using Freeswitch for media I’m talking about voicemail, IVR, things like that. Opensips doesn’t provide these media functions.

Can you describe the system you are using for Cisco 9971 video phones? Would be really nice if you could show your config files!

Up the video bandwidrh in the settings
Say 40000000 for some reason it appears to be read as bps not kbps

I have the same problem with Cisco 9971. When I ring with softphone Rcvr Resolution is 640x480 but sender resolution (Cisco) is always 176x144. I don’t know what parametrer to change.

Any solution?