Cisco UC560 to FreePBX

Anyone have any experience moving from a Cisco UC5XX device to FreePBX? I’ve been managing a UC560 for a few years now but with our business moving to a hybrid in-office and remote rotation, we essentially need double the licenses and Cisco being Cisco is charging $600+ for an 8 user license pack for EOL hardware…smh. Anyways, I am exploring my options here and have always wanted to experiment with FreePBX, but with such a short window (approx 2 months), I need to decide quickly on which route to go.

Anyways, if anyone here has, was it a pain in the ass or pretty straightforward? I understand there will be bumps along the way, but this is a 70+ phone system so just looking for some insight.

Thank you in advance!

It shouldn’t be too difficult, depending on your particular setup, of course
Care to elaborate a little more? How many extensions, queues, ring groups, etc.
What phones are you using?
For example if they are from the 7900 line with SCCP protocol, you can go with chan-sccp-b to retain all functionality without the need to patch asterisk and install SCCP manager module for auto-provisioning so you don’t have to deal with the xml files. If they are from the newer 7800 line or the SPA line, they have SIP protocol and a web GUI for configuration too, you don’t need to deal with configuration files if you prefer to configure them manually.

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