Cisco SPA525G End Point Manager

Ok so I have setup the end point manager and it sucessfuly works with the phone, however i have a customer who wants to have the 2 buttons with another account. Maybe i should explain what we have and what they want and any suggestions would be great

EXT 100
EXT 101
EXT 102
EXT 103
EXT 104
EXT 105

Now all extensions call out with a caller ID lets say (561)500-000 works great I have a ring group to ring all the extensions. However they want to also have a button on each phone they can press to have the ability to dial out on another DID i.e (561)500-0001 and also have it ring on the phones and be able to pick it up. This is were i need some help. I have 2 rings groups and also setup notifications so they know when a business call comes in and a personal call comes in. I also am pretty sure there is a way to setup the Cisco phone to have a distinctive ring based on the Alert info. All that is great, however is there any way to do this via the end point manager?

I was thinking of adding ext 106 and then adding it to all of the phones on Account 2, but don’t know because then i will have registration issues. Soooooo , all and any suggestions would be great!

Also i would like to add the new endpoint manager is a bit more restricted than the previous version has anyone noticed that? I have two different PBX systems one is on the new release and the other is on the older one.