Cisco SPA50x BLF on lines other than Line 1

I currently have a Cisco SPA508G set up with two lines (SIP accounts) and a sidecar. Most of my sidecar buttons need to operate on the primary “line” of the phone. However, I have a couple that need to be associated with the second “line” (Account 2 in EPM.)

As you can guess, those buttons are ALL associated to the primary line. I was going to raise an issue on about it, but I’m seeing in the wiki that it’s a known issue with EPM.

I’ve been able to mitigate the issue by opening the .xml file for my phone via SSH, and adding “;vid=2” to the couple of lines in question. Reboot the phone, and the BLFs then work as desired. Of course, that will last until something in the GUI updates the phone config…

What would it take to get EPM updated in such a manner that if you select “Account 2” when adding a BLF, it’d add the “;vid=2” to the XML file for you? Seems like it should be (fairly) easy to implement, and would be very handy to have. I could probably eliminate an extra phone off my desk if this were possible. :slight_smile:

Cisco phones are unsupported by us as the manufacture has decided to kill off the phones and not work with us as a certified partner so they get no support from us and how it works today is how it will always be.

What do you mean? The devices are not EOL or canceled. You keep stating the Pro Endpoint manager is supported where as the OSS isn’t. Those devices are on the list. You now sell phones so I can see why Cisco wont be your partner but your company said they would support and update Endpoint manager. This response is child like not the way a Corp should act.

I am not sure what us selling phones has to do with anything. Cisco stopped being a certified partner in 2012 way before we ever built our own phone.

Our wiki in EPM clearly shows what devices are supported and unsupported by us.

I’d like to see your source that the SPA504/508/514 phones are being “killed off”. They did EOL some of the 52x phones, but nothing else that I can find after 10 minutes of looking.

This was 2 years ago they laid off the whole enigeering team and sales team for the SPA line. It was all over the internet. Regardless it doesn’t change things here that they are not a certified partner anymore so their phones are locked at how they operate in EPM at the time certificatikn ended.

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As usual you don’t speak all the truth. Look at the following it has a snapshot of the supported devices from your wiki just a year ago. At that time there was no certified process then. You keep changing the rules. If a company doesn’t choose to support and pay you now, you drop the support.,ported+Devices

An no the SPA line is not eol or unsupported. They are working on them and have released firmware updates for them just over a month ago March 27th

Your link doesn’t work. The rules haven’t changed. The wiki has gone through some changes and rewording but certification has been around for a long time as people were confused on how something could be supported but not certified and our certified partners did not think it was fair we would support non certified partners phones so we simplified the program.

Something that was marked as supported 4 years ago does not guarantee it will be supported 4 years later. Things supported today may not be in the future. It’s a living module and constantly changing environment.

And I can do you one better. Our wiki on the right of the page will show you full revision history so even better then a few snapshots from WBM. We don’t hide things and try and be fully transparent regardless of what you may think or trying to allude to.

As far as EOL I can’t find the article now but a couple years ago a article was written by the lead engineer if I recall correctly about how the team had been moved around and active development had come to a end.

I think this might be the article, but I don’t see anything specific to the SPA line.

On the other hand, the Chan-SCCP-B driver does support these phones and the setup isn’t really a scary process. Here’s a Wiki article I wrote about this a few years ago and I’ve tried to keep it pretty much current.

No that wasn’t the article. It was a blog from one of the lead engineers from the Small Business team but I cat find it anywhere now.