Cisco spa504g phones

Just wanted to related a problem we had this week. Customer is running FreePBX 10.13, but this issue has nothing to do with FreePBX. Customer had an employee change, Extension 201 name changed with the new employee. Customer call complaining that some extensions were getting the correct name when calling the extension, others were not. Once on site, we discovered they reported correctly. About half of the phones could call extension 201 and see the correct name, the others got the old name. Rebooting the phones did not resolve the issue. Factory resetting a phone would resolve the issue. However, we found if extension 201 called one of the extensions getting the old name, this would resolve the issue. Bottom line, somehow the phone kept the extension name in memory somewhere. We had to call each of the extensions from 201 to get the new name in each phone.

Bizarre. Welcome to our world.

I have a feeling you might be Nathan Thomas or work with the guy…

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It seems that Cisco decided to check the call logs on the phone when placing calls. Since resetting the phone and having the phone call to update the call logs seems to fix the problem, it would seem that clearing all of the call logs from the phones would solve the problem as well.

I can’t think of a way to do that from the server without placing a call to the phone and adding the new entry to the call log database in the phone. Of course, programming that to happen at 2:00 AM when you have an XML update like this is also trivial, so making something really complicated seems a little excessive.

Thought of the same thing after I realized what was happening. I saw no easy way to clear the call logs, but by that time, was just happy to have it resolved. Probably did not spend enough time trying to clear the logs.