CISCO SPA303 how to configure with FREEPBX

I bought a Cisco SPA 303 mainly because their cheap. But how do I configure it with FreePBX, Endpoint manager doesnt list that model. I’ve configured the SIP extensions, what do I put in the CISCO web interface?

I can’t answer your question because I’ve never tried any of the Cisco phones. I find them to be very unattractive and overpriced.

However, if you want a cheap, good phone, that is easy to configure, I’d recommend the Aastra 6757i or the 6730i. The Aastra phones are very popular in the open source community. The 6757i has a big LCD which serves as the labels for all of the buttons. Aastra provides a PDF template to print out labels for the 6730i.

The SPA303 runs the same firmware as the 5xx series phones. In fact all SPA’s program the same.

With all due respect the SPA 5xx series phones are very attractive, much better built that the Aastra’s at about the same price point. What they don’t have is the tight integration via XML scripts.

With 3 lines and a display the SPA303 can give the 67831i a run for the money in the sub 100 range.

How about the IP address of your PBX and the SIP username and password you set up in the extension config?

It’s in Endpoint Manager now

I mean it came up provisioned once I saw to put my PBX in the form of tftp://192.168.X.X/spa$MA.xml in the profile rule… and reboot. Nice job.

And I agree that they are a nice little phone. I have a 6730i on the desk too and if you are using Aastra XML stuff, then I’d lean that way ( actually 6731i w/power supply if you do not have POE.) Otherwise these seem a solid choice.