Cisco Spa3000 and Vertical Service Activation Codes

I have a cisco SPA3000 to make outgoing calls. I am wanting it to dial *67 when pressing 7 before the 10 digit phone number. How ever I’m am not having much luck getting it to do both plain 10 digits and adding the *67 before it. I was able to get it to answer dial *67 with a phone number, but it will no longer answer to plain 10 digit numbers. It just says ‘all circuts are busy now, PTYCAL’

When I add *67 to the dial plan 1 it works, but then I can’t dial normal 10 digits, the SPA3000 will not answer to make the outgoing call

When removed from the dial plan, it will no longer answer to numbers with *67

Here are my dial plans in Freepbx and in my SPA3000, dial plan one is currently (xx.) With this I can make plain 10 digit number phone calls.
with (*67xx.) I can make ONLY calls with *67 attached to 10 digit phone numbers. The SPA will not answer pressing 9 before NXXNXXXXXX, nor dialing NXXNXXXXXX

Does anyone know how I can make it dial both?


For Dial Plan 1, try
Also, in Regional -> Vertical Service Activation Codes, delete *67 if it appears anywhere.

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Worked! Thanks.

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