Cisco SPA232D with Freepbx v12.X

I have a Cisco SPA232D with lastest firmware ( 1.3.5 (004_267_XU001) and Freepbx Server v12 (Asterisk v12) on same local network.

I have theSPA232D FXO port (POTS) connected to an analog phone line and Internet port connected to my local network.

I created a trunk with incoming and outgoing routes. There are cisco 7960 phones on same network and I’m using one to try unsuccessfully receive/make calls on the SIP trunk created.

Just wondering if anyone in community has a similar working setup and would share their configuration. I’m essentially using my SPA232D as PSTN gateway for Freepbx to send/receive calls outside of local network.

Endpoint has support for the SPA232D, but I don’t see point in adding the device, since it’s being used as a gateway and not a “phone”.

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did you ever work this out?

I have an SPA232d ( currently running on v1.3.5 ) and would like to get this running the same way with rPI running FreePBX.


That should be really straight forward - just switch off registration and configure something like 'forward all incoming PSTN calls to…" on the client;
create a trunk with the hostname/ip on the server. Then debug :wink:

google is our friend: