Cisco SPA122 will not register with FreePBX

I have just built a clean FreePBX using the latest download from the site. I cannot get my Cisco SPA122 to register.
I am not connecting to the internet at all; just need to test the SPA122 ( and potentially other VOIP devices in the future).
I used the Quick Setup and entered the username and password but can not figure out what to enter for proxy. Initially, I left Proxy blank but when I did that, line 1 shows unregistered under Voice.I tried the IP address of the FreePBX server as well as its internet name. Both show Failed under Voice,
What value should I be putting in the Proxy field under Quick Setup for the Cisco SPA122?


Assuming an on-site PBX on a physical machine, or on a virtual machine with bridged networking, Username should be the extension number, Password should be what FreePBX shows for the extension’s Secret and Proxy should be the private (LAN) address of the PBX. If you set up a chan_sip extension, Proxy should include the port number (default is 5160), for example:
If you are using the FreePBX Firewall, try turning it off.

Otherwise, please describe your system in some detail:
On-site or cloud?
If cloud, which platform?
If on-site, physical or virtual?
If physical, which hardware platform?
If virtual, which platform? Networking setup?

What version of FreePBX did you install? From Distro? If not, which OS and which script did you follow?

What other extensions have you tested (softphone, mobile app, etc.)? With what settings and what results?

Is the SPA’s extension pjsip or chan_sip? Does anything get logged when you attempt to register (see Reports->Asterisk Logfiles)?


Thanks for your response.
I am running a physical machine on site.
The hardware is Dell Optiplex 330 which I believe is Intel Core 2 Duo E7200 CPU; 80 GB HDD; 1 GB ram.
Network is using the internal NIC and IP is set by DHCP with a reservation.

FreePBX Distro: SNG7-FPBX-64bit-1910-2.

I have not attempted any other extension and I don’t know what pjsip or chan_sip mean.

Relevant log entry:
[2019-12-29 19:19:11] NOTICE[10171] res_pjsipslashpjsip_distributor.c: Request ‘REGISTER’ from ‘“ext100” &lt,sip:100atfreepbx&gt,’ failed for ‘10dot1dot58dot144colon5060’ (callid: eb4da49d-86301b01at10dot1dot58dot144) - Failed to authenticate
This was repeated 4 times.

(Had to convert . to dot and @ to at because the forum kept telling me new users cannot place links in post.)

I sincerely appreciate any assistance you can provide.


In the FreePBX GUI, go to Applications -> Extensions. You should see your extension 100 there and the Type column should show pjsip or chan_sip. Click the edit button and confirm that the value shown for Secret matches what you entered in the SPA for Password.

If extension 100 is not shown, you likely didn’t save it properly. Click Quick Create Extension, enter (as a minimum) the extension number and display name. Click Next, click Finish, edit the extension and change Secret to the password you used on the SPA. Click Submit then Apply Config. Reboot the SPA and with luck it will register.

Thanks for the help.

Turns out the extension was present but the secret was not what I set it to in Extension Setup. Once I resolved that, the SPA122 registered successfully on Line 1.

After some more finagling, I also managed to get Line 2 registered as well.

I have also ordered an IP phone and will try with that as soon as it arrives.

Again, thanks immensely for the assistance.


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