Cisco SPA112 as an extension for freePBX

Good morning,

I’ve got a Cisco SPA112 I’m trying to use for an analog cordless phone for my grandmother. She recently had a stroke and as she has moved into my home I ported her number to my flowroute account and setup an extension for her to have her old home phone number at my house using my freePBX installation.

So I’ve the extension setup and we receive calls without issue. Outbound is kicking my butt though.

I can’t call any internal extensions, outbound numbers, feature codes… so I really can’t do anything outbound.

Here is the default dial plan in the spa112: (*xx|[3469]11|0|00|[2-9]xxxxxx|1xxx[2-9]xxxxxxS0|xxxxxxxxxxxx.)

And here is what I’ve got from other forum posts here: ([*#]XX|911||1NXXNXXXXXX|[1-8]XX)

I feel like the cisco unit is attempting to interpret everything instead of passing it onto FreePBX but I’m not sure how this works, I’ve only ever played with grandstream phones and apps on my cell phone and those never required configuring a dial plan.

My goals are:

-dial out as normal (she is used to 10 digit so thats not a problem)
-use the asterisk phonebook function in freepbx (*0) + 2 digit speeddial number.
-enable direct dial of extensions (all extensions are 3 digit and start with “2”

Any thoughts?

Thanks and Happy New Year

Both the default dial plan and the other mentioned in your post should accept 11 digit format (1 + areacode + number). Assuming that your PBX also accepts that, what happens when you dial e.g. 18004377950 ?
If the call does not complete, post what you hear and what (if anything) appears in the Asterisk log.

To make a proper dial plan for your system, let us know what formats are permitted from existing extensions.

Can you dial just 7 digits for calls within local area code (if you live in an area without overlays)?
Dial 10 digits, but without leading 1?
Dial 11 digits, including leading 1?
How do you dial internationally?

A dial plan of
may be useful for testing, as it will accept everything. However, there will be a 4 second delay on all calls (while it waits to see whether more digits are coming) and if someone pauses more than 4 seconds between digits, the call will fail, so this is not recommended for production.

For all of the above, after 2 digits I get 2 continuous beeps, like the system is saying “what did you do!”
FreePBX is configured to accept 10 digits plus the 1, 10 digits alone, and 7 digits within my area code… I should note that my area code is different from the area code that was ported (I live across state lines from where my grandmother’s phone was based)

you’re testing dial plan above works for everything.

International… don’t really know anyone outside the country…at least not that I would call… Alaska is the only number we’ll ever need to get through that could be considered (maybe) international.

Thanks for your help!

The dial plan below is not tested and may have errors or omissions. Let me know what you find.


There is a delay after entering an extension or a 7-digit number, because there are longer valid patterns that begin with the same sequence. However, 10- and 11-digit calls, as well as speed dials and 911, should be sent without delay.

Your PBX should be configured to handle 933 the same as 911, so you can use 933 to confirm proper 911 address. If granny’s number is not set up at Flowroute for 911 and you normally send that for calls from her extension, be sure to configure the regular house number as her Emergency CID (and test that using 933).

Hi Stewart…

Sorry for just getting back to you… as you can image lots going on this year with our new tenate (whom we’re very happy to have might I add)

I was playing with the dial plan the other day when I first posted but couldn’t get anything to work right all of the time but this seems to work just fine.

I do have the DID E-911 info setup but haven’t made any test calls. DID is tied to her number as well. All extensions and feature codes with your plan work as expected, except 7 digit dialing which isn’t a problem because we lived in one of those areas that had a few different area codes so she is very used to 10 digit dialing.

Really appreciate your help, I think this has solved it… Only thing left to do is test 911 which I’ll probably do in the next day or so.

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