Cisco SPA - vlan config

I am trying to configure my cisco phones in a different vlan to data.

vlans are as follows

vlan 10 = phones
vlan 1 = data

I have inserted this in to my sip$mac via endpoint

<Enable_VLAN ua=“rw”>Yes</Enable_VLAN>
<Enable_CDP ua=“na”>Yes</Enable_CDP>
<Enable_LLDP-MED ua=“na”>Yes</Enable_LLDP-MED>
<Network_Startup_Delay ua=“na”>3</Network_Startup_Delay>
<VLAN_ID ua=“rw”>10</VLAN_ID>
<PC_Port_VLAN_Highest_Priority ua=“na”>No Limit</PC_Port_VLAN_Highest_Priority>
<Enable_PC_Port_VLAN_Tagging ua=“na”>No</Enable_PC_Port_VLAN_Tagging>
<PC_Port_VLAN_ID ua=“na”>1</PC_Port_VLAN_ID>

Switch ports are configured as follows.

tagged vlan 1, untagged vlan 10.

everything appears to work, however after the reboot and the phone has its config the phones only work if both vlans are tagged on the switch.

Has anyone seen this before ?

Question, why would you tag the data vlan? With that config any device plugged into the network would have to be VLAN aware. The idea is to tag the voice network then let the phone untag it’s traffic.

The port that plugs into the phone system needs to have the voice VLAN untagged.