Cisco SPA Phones with Feature Sync and FreePBX

Does anyone know if it is possible to sync the DND status of a local Cisco phone to an Asterisk server, specifically FreePBX? I know we can call *78 or *79, but Cisco’s also provide a default softkey for DND functionality at the phone itself. The cool thing with the Cisco based dnd is it will tell you if it is on or off, and I’d prefer to not hose up a BLF just for DND status on an individual phone.

I know with Broadsoft 17/18 this is doable to enable Feature Sync for services like DND, CW, CFWD, etc from the Cisco phone and see it replicate to the server.

My biggest desire is to have a central way where people can see DND status from FOP2. But pressing the default DND function on the phone does nothing to integrate with Asterisk.

Anyway, I’m hopeful somebody has figured out something like this, either through xml, or something cool.