Cisco SPA Phones Not In Endpoint Manager

I am trying to convert from a Cisco-centric world to a FreePBX one and I am looking for some help. I already have a little (tiny) bit of FreePBX experience with setting up pure SIP phones, but I’m drowning here trying to get some new Cisco SPA phones added and I’m hoping someone can help me out.

I’ve purchased a Cisco SPA232d DECT base w/ 2x 203d handsets because the base listed SIP as a protocol, and now I’m finding out that the situation is not as simple as I had thought. The only thing I can find is a 230-page document which describes building an XML file for “3rd party support”… I’m not even sure if that’s relevant to what I want to do or not, and I am sure that I would screw it up anyway (without some guidance at least). Those phones don’t appear to be in endpoint manager nor in the paid Schmooze add-on doesn’t list them as compatible either.

If anyone could help be avoid purchasing a UC540 I would be quite thankful.

Bump. Anyone?

I’m surprised how little I see Cisco SPA phones come up with FreePBX or Asterisk in general (eg. nothing current, and definitely nothing easy). By market share these have to be the top selling small business phone series in the world (not necessarily the best, but Cisco is global and employs entire cities to produce these things)… I’m really surprised that Schmooze hasn’t tried to capitalize on them more. I would think that being able to say that if you’re on the most popular small business phone series in the world you don’t need to change your phones or go through some undocumented hell would be a selling point for FreePBX and Schmoozes paid phone auto-provisioning add-on.

If anyone from Schmooze reads these posts I’d be more than happy to get whatever output you need to add this phone into your add-on database. I also have some additional Cisco phones (8945/8961 handy, but I can get my hands on any model) that I could provide output for if you were interested.

Hi serra, I have the same problem. I want to set up my SPA232D to receive calls on the FXO port and feed them into FreePBX. Have you managed to set this up?