Cisco SPA phone directory... any way to lookup via Asterisk/FreePBX GUI?

Have a customer that has 60+ phones in a mixed environment (Cisco SPA’s and Aastra’s), using FreePBX 2.8.15.

Wondering if there is a way to use the FreePBX Directory/Phonebook (either one) to populate the on-phone Text Directory?

It’s already setup so if they call 411 they get the PBX’s directory, but they want to be able to browse the phones directory to display all extensions.

Anyone know if this is A) possible and B) If it is possible, any ideas on how to accomplish this?

I’ve done quite a bit of Googling but haven’t found an answer.

Thanks in advance!

Our company is looking for a way to do this as well.

Here’s to hoping someone responds!

Also looking for this, did you have any luck in your search?



Never figured out how to do this. Used an alternate solution