Cisco SPA 303 as Remote Exntesion

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Just want to ask if anyone tried using Cisco SPA 303 as a remote extension or is it possible to be configured in that manner. Currently I have my asterisk up and running with in local and remote extension connecting it. Basically, I’m using softphones for now for all extensions (local and Remote). My asterisk server is behind a NAT and I use port forward so that remote extension can connect.

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Yes, they work great.

Do you realize you asked if something will work and did not tell what kind of system you are running?

Also, you should run a firewall such as APF that allows you to do geo-banning. This is latest thinking on IP Voice security. If you only allow SIP/RTP in from the originating country you reduce the attack footprint.

The best way to do this is with a VPN.

When you program the remote phone use the NAT keep alive option so you don’t loose registration.

Yes, VPN is great security wise, unfortunately we don’t have the luxury of having an additional layer because of slow connection.

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VPN’s actually add very little overhead (especially lighter encryption algorithms) in fact I am testing an IP sec client on my Android 3G device, not for VoIP but the principal is the same.

Anyway if a VPN is not for you please consider the APF firewall software and only allow traffic from your country. It dramatically reduces your attack footprint.