Cisco Phones Not Working on Conference After Updating SIP Firmware on Freepbx:

Hi Everyone,

Good day!.

I would be really appreciate you as you already configured Cisco 79xx series phones with CONFERENCES, recently we have implemented asterisk and we have configured 7962,7931 Cisco Phone SIP firmware via TFTP everything are working fine except conferences.

I am using SIP firmware on the following cisco phone model.
All are connected and working fine just not working on conference.
6921, 7962, 7931, 3905.

My humble request you to all that could you please help me out on this.

Please waiting for your kind response.

Thank you in Advance.

hi ArshadHussain,

How are you ?

I am trying to configure cisco 3905 bt I am receiving “no matching endpoint found”, can you help me ?


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