Cisco Phone Directory not appearing on the Phone 7940

hi there,

can you please share if the cisco phone 7940 directory button is showing this.
I added this to /var/www/html/directory.php and it is accessible via url but not accessible on the phone.
when I pressed the directory button on the phone I only see 4 options:

1 Missed Calls
2 Received Calls
3 Placed Calls
4 Personal Directory

nothing else no option for external directory or not showing any directory.
I am following the procedure or script from the post below:

Did you set the <directoryURL>http://freepbx/directory.php</directoryURL> option in your phone template? Without the URL the phone won’t know where to look.

The <Title> tag should be the name of the directory that shows up on the phone (Company Directory in the example code).

The issue is resolved.

The phone is not able to show more than 32 records so I limit the records in the SQL query and got it worked.