Cisco Patch for asterisk

I have a Cisco 8841 IP Phone which runs SIP firmware that I have connected to my FreePBX 13 Distro. The only issues I have is with some features including BLF and Conference. I have been told that I need to install a patch onto asterisk so that I can get the phone fully functioning. An issue that I am having is, with the links that I have been sent such as, it seems that I need to do this before installing asterisk. I am unsure what to do as I do not want to cause issues with FreePBX and do not want to have to reinstall FreePBX. Does anyone know more about this patch?

I have asterisk. I am just not sure if the patch will reset asterisk or how to apply the patch to an existing FreePBX Server

The answer I got before I started using the Chan-SCCP-B module for this was “as soon as you patch Asterisk, you aren’t running FreePBX any more.”

You will need to start with the Source Code version of whatever Asterisk you want to use (probably the one you have the patch for) and then patch and compile that version. After that, you have to make sure all of the other loadable modules for Asterisk are recompiled to match your target version.

Hopefully, FreePBX will continue to work after that.

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