Cisco OS Software

anyone know a vendor that will sell 7960 software at a reasonable price?

I don’t think so, I don’t have one and they seem to download alright. Though, you do need to register first.

Anyone can register.

Firmware upgrades are not free! There are all sorts of restrictions. I think it’s free for the first little while then you gotta pay and there are limits to which versions you can upgrade to etc. They are very cagy about it and very difficult to actually get hard information from their website. Probably varies by product too.

Are you looking for SIP firmware?

You can download this from the Cisco website. Have to to register for a login first.

Last time I checked you had to have a maintenance plan in place.

I despise cisco’s make-you-pay for firmware policy - I think I have the 8.2 firmware and I might have 7.2(3?) lying around somewhere.

I’ll send it to you if you like