Cisco Linksys SPA962 provisioning through password protected HTTP

Hi Community, I have used countless times provisioning method through password protected HTTPS. something of the nature of [–uid aaa --pwd bbb]$MA.xml
this does not seem to work with the 962 phone that i have. After much debugging i confirmed that the phone is not sending the username or password with the request for its own file and the server is not authorizing the access as a result.
I read that there are GPP params that can be user for the key URL option but i’m not familiar with this lingo. Anyone has any experience with this?
Thank you

You need to use the “embedded” username/password in the URI for that to work.

I don’t remember the exact syntax, but it’s something like:

https://user:[email protected]/spa$MA.xml

That first colon “:” is the only part I’m not sure of.

thanks dave. will give you an update if this works shortly

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