Cisco IP504G Phones

I am a newbie and finally setup a system for a small office. I was testing before hand and then we went live. I still have a few questions:

  1. All extensions are 100,101,102,103,104,105. When I did another extension, the users must type # after the extension in order for it to ring. Why? How do i tell the system that internal extensions are only 3 digits and not have to wait to hit the pound to dial?

  2. I am setup a SIP service so I am not using any analog cards. Why do I have to dial the whole areacode + 7 digit number for local numbers? I know there are dial plans but cannot seem to figure out how to get this to work.

  3. One of my users asked, how can they transfer a call directory to the users voice mail. In reading the instructions, it says to use * in front of the extensions but that doesn’t seem to work. Is it a problem is the Cisco SPA IP504G?

  4. In anyone else using Cisco SPA 504G with Freepbx?

  5. Can you do line appearance with Asterisk and SPA 504G phones?


Can you help on these items? How do I setup the dial plan correctly? I triued various combinations. Can you be more specific on your answers?


1 - Setup the phones dial plan correctly
2 - Setup trunk dial plan correctly
3 - *ext is the correct code see item 1
4 - SPA504G works great.

You were not specific so neither can I.

The phone’s dialplan can be set via the endpoint manager or in the phones web interface.

The digit manipulation rules in the trunk are set in FreePBX.

Post what you have tried and what you are trying to achieve (IE: send 10 digites)

What documentation have you reviewed?