Cisco IP Phone CP-8941 - anyone got DTMF working reliably?

I have a few Cisco IP Phone CP-8941 phones - anyone else using this phone with Asterisk 14?

I am having issues getting DTMF Signaling to work.

FreePBX with Asterisk: 13.17.0 - Newly installed system.

  • i guess no-one is using this phone with FreePBX -

More information, i am loosing the DTMF signalling ONLY when using the hard button to access the messages… when i dial the into *97 it works fine - also using remote IVR services… so i guess something with the hardware - serves me right for being a cheapskate with handsets.

I’ve actually seen that before on the 7940 and 7960 handsets.

I’m using RFC2833 for mine, but I’m also using Chan-SCCP-B for my channel driver, so your mileage may vary.

Thanks for the reply, i was beginning to think i was right out on a limb here… Later firmware seems to have fixed this issue - next to master the soft keys - i really wish there was a full manual of the xml possibilities for this phone - would make it so much easier.

With the SIP image, you lose the ability to manage the softkeys. If you want to modify the softkeys, you have to using Skinny mode.

Great, not having to bother about that will save me loads of time.

Just been messing about with the softkeys.xml - and within the soft-key logic one can manipulate them - the four hard-keys - Transfer, Conference, Hold and Redial grab the relevant softkeys (so those ones never show up as soft keys) - but the rest show up as expected till you mess up the XML.