Cisco IP phone 7942

Does anyone know how to configure the Cisco IP phone 7942? I am new and not sure how I can configure it. I installed FreePBX on my network but the only thing I found on the internet is people configuring their IP phone through the web browser but when I browse to the phone’s local IP address there is no web interface. Please help.

For 7940 configuration file will be like this:

proxy1_address: "PBX Address for example"
proxy1_port: PBX Port number for example: 5060
proxy2_address: "2nd line address"
proxy2_port: second line port number
proxy3_address: ""
proxy4_address: “

line1_name: "extension number for example 100"
line1_shortname: ""
line1_displayname: ""
line1_authname: "extension auth name"
line1_password: “extension password”

line2_name: ""
line2_shortname: ""
line2_displayname: ""
line2_authname: ""
line2_password: “!”

proxy_emergency: ""
proxy_emergency_port: ""
proxy_backup: ""
proxy_backup_port: ""
outbound_proxy: ""
outbound_proxy_port: “”

nat_enable: "1"
nat_address: ""
voip_control_port: "for example 5060"
start_media_port: "start media port number for example: 9500"
end_media_port: "end media port number for example 15000"
nat_received_processing: “0”

phone_label: "Label shown at the top of the screen"
time_zone: CET
logo_url: "yourlogo.bmp"
messages_uri: "**600"
services_url:“directory service.php”

telnet_level: ne Title"2"
phone_prompt: "Cisco7940"
phone_password: "whatever psw"
enable_vad: "0"
network_media_type: "auto"
user_info: phone

I’m not sure if 7942 use the same system as 7960, in such case follow this guide:

There is no interface to configure cisco as long as I know but this one that I started:

It is unfinished and for the moment just allow you to see the key parameters of the config file in a form. It will allow you to change and save those parameters in the future. Even making easier to configure the config file, you still have to send it to the phone yourself with a TFTP server.

I feel like such a noob, hah. but when will this program work? ive tried to see where I can tftp into the cisco ip phone but I didnt have any luck because I couldnt find anything online for the tftp server in freepbx.

The program already works, just the “save changes function” is not yet implemented but it is very easy to be implemented and I will add it as soon as I have the time. You can still use the program to see the key parameters of the configuration files divided by menus, which I think helps much because configuration files are a huge bunch of tags and parameters, but remember that this software just helps you to see the key parameters and change them, but the process to upload / sent the configuration files to the phone should be made manually, for the TFTP process please follow the guide I posted here: Cisco IP Phone CP-7821 Configuration